A bit of philosophical nonsense

Listening to a podcast about psychopaths while biking back from a long rainy day, of all the settings, this one felt the most inspiring to me today. Apparently most psychopaths don’t even realize they are one, and most people demonstrate psychopathic traits. Who knew…

Looking at the rain through the window, I can’t help but think about those song lyrics I heard years ago from an Infected Mushrooms track.

“You know god is in the rain, how else can you explain, how it takes away the pain. Now sunshine puts a smile on us all, makes the love in us call, makes us want to feel it all.”

Upon reflection, maybe it was the rain that was missing all those years ago. Or maybe it was just a calm before the storm. Who knows, because at the moment, its just a light drizzle outside, so I should probably stop being so dramatic.