Trump’s modus operandi to governing is to shock and awe

Fourteen days and 22 executive actions later, Trump confounds even his most ardent supporters.

The daily shocks that Trump continues to deliver have caused increasing debilitation in some, and galvanized others into action. With the ink barely drying from the signature on one executive action, he moves on to the next one with nary a care about the broader impact of these pronouncements. While some of his supporters continue to be in awe of Trump, he has managed to make others question their support. There is a new subgroup on reddit — Trumpgret — inviting redditors who regret their Trump vote, to share their stories.

The number of articles and blogs that have been written to try to deconstruct and understand Mr. Trump’s approach to governance are staggering and simply hard for anyone to keep up with, never mind political preferences. Then there’s also television, radio, and social media that adds to the “buffet of options” (trust Reince Priebus to come up with a phrase like that and trivialize issues). With a shock from every executive action, there is little time to attend to it because the next one comes fast and furious. Each shock is tailored to be a distraction and subsequent shocks become even harder to recover from. The idea is to create a situation where people will begin to say, “well, at least this one is not as bad as the last one, so let’s try to accommodate it.” The baseline for accepting unacceptable treatment will be moved to making the shocking executive actions an almost palatable buffet.

The country is going to experience further divides — there will be those who are divided not only by political affiliations, but other factors: there will also be those who have been steadily injured by the repeated shocks from Trump and his cronies; there will be rubberneckers who will be too numbed to react and rescue and resuscitate those who’ve been injured; and finally there’ll be Trump and his cronies who ride off into the sunset.

It’s been only two weeks and already the physical, intellectual, and emotional exhaustion that has been wrought is incalculable. Perhaps if there was an organized cascade of action, there’d be a recovery period for every wave of people who were standing up and refusing to be rubberneckers. After two weeks of a fusillade of actions from Trump and the subsequent chaotic conversations from those who agree with them and those who don’t, surely even the most indolent voter is now sitting up and will hopefully be galvanized into action.

Don’t be the precipitate, be part of the solution! Clipboards, anybody?