Those Entry-Level Startup Jobs? They’re Now Mostly Dead Ends in the Boondocks
Lauren Smiley

Another kicker is that these jobs are viewed as highly elastic to their companies, but not to the communities that have little understanding of the cycles of tech. It is one thing if a company commits to a huge capital development — as in a factory — but quite another when a company says that it is “creating 40 FTE jobs” with a call center. Their commitment is only as long as the lease they negotiated.

In our own area — Chico, a city of 90k +/- about 3 hrs north of SF — the announcement of a call center handling support for a Facebook vendor was attended by dignitaries up to the state level. The spin was that the tech industry was coming to our city and hundreds of “tech” jobs would be created. There was little fanfare when layoff notices came within a year.

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