Is L.A. Reid Obligated to Bail Out Bobby Shmurda?

You may not know Bobby Shmurda, but you’ve probably heard his music or seen the popular meme.

Sound familiar? Bobby Shmurda is actually Ackquille Jean Pollard of Brooklyn, New York City, NY. Shmurda was signed to Epic Records in 2014. In 2014, Shmurda was on a meteoric rise coming in #6 on the Billboard Charts and going Platinum. The future looked bright for this talented young artist, though many complained Shmurda’s lyrics were laced with “probable cause” or at least “possible truth”. This suspicion prompted NYPD surveillance.

Fast forward December 17, 2014. Shmurda along with 14 other members of GS9, (first considered a Rap Possee, authorities allege may actually be a notorious faction of the Crips gang) were arrested on 69 counts including conspiracy to commit murder, multiple weapons possession, and reckless endangerment.

Bobby Shmurda currently resides at Riker’s Island Prison awaiting trial set for February 22, 2016.

Last week, Shmurda spoke with Ebro Darden of HOT97 where he reassured fans he was good and cautioning young people not to live out his lyrics in their real lives.

“This shit ain’t sweet. To all the kids out there, my music is not for nobody to go reenact or something.”

One can only hope Bobby Shmurda is getting his head together. At only 21, surely he had more life ahead of him that he need not spend being apart of the prison industrial complex.

Everything I just laid out to you is a point of record, this is where my opinion comes in. Some people are giving L.A. Reid, current CEO of Epic Records the blues.

Many believe L.A. Reid should bail out Bobby Shmurda to the tune of 2M in liquid collateral.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a thought leader on things both Black, Pop-Culture as well as financial is among L.A.Reid’s leading detractors. See below:

I have no issue with Dr. Watkins calling out Reid. I don’t much care for the Top 1% benefiting from the vices or dire circumstances of the bottom 20% and Reid does seem to be definitely apart of that 1%.

That being said, it just sits badly with me how Dr. Watkins dumps on Reid for not ponying up a couple million dollars like it’s chump change, not to mention the charges we’re talking about here. Since when did employers become obligated to extend themselves financially for their employees? I don’t believe Reid coerced Shmurda:

“Get out there and do some gangsta sh!t already. We need you to keep up with your image playa!”

Don’t get me wrong. It would be outstanding if Reid helped Shmurda turn over a new leaf, but to climb atop a soapbox waging your finger chastising Reid for not “keeping it real” as if bailing out a young man you’ve known less than a 18 months, 6 of which Bobby has presumably spent in jail, well that seems like beyond the call of duty for even the strictest of street code followers.

As for my next issue, few people other than Damon Dash point out Reid does not own Epic Records. Reid is the CEO. Sony owns Epic. Big difference. Reid has shareholders and a Board of Directors to answer to. Perhaps, ‘The Sony Brass’ doesn’t see the business sense of anchoring itself further to a young man who may be convicted of murder. This is 2015 not 1996. We’re talking about Bobby Shmurda not Snoop.

Lastly, I’m not so sure Bobby Shmurda is some kid being manipulated by L.A. Reid and the evil sphere of White Supremacy as Dr. Watkins suggests, at least not totally. Based on previous run-ins with the law it appears Bobby Shmurda was Bobby Shmurda way before Epic put him on the roster.

Real talk, I don’t want to end up with a price on my head like Trump for mouthing off about El Chapo. Lord knows, I don’t have a secret service detail or body guards, but I’ll say this: I don’t want to see another brother sitting behind bars, but I also don’t want another brother, sister or child in a hearse due to gang violence and if I’m forced to choose…let just say, I’ll leave that up to your best guesstimates which I’d ride for.

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