Stacey Abrams lost Georgia, but you won’t believe who’s really to blame.

Stacey Abrams, Donald Trump and Georgia Governor Elect Brian Kemp — Tim Black for TBTV

Everyone knows about the Georgia Governors race. The hopes of the Democratic party, many Georgians and many people across the country were that Stacey Abrams would become the first black female elected governor in the United States. This was a big deal.

It didn’t happen.

Brian Kemp won, however Stacey Abrams claims voter suppression thwarted her ability to win that race.

Ms. Abrams made serious claims about Georgia’s voting accessibility. Stacy Abrams said

“People were being denied access to the right to vote across the state, across parties, across region. And that was wrong.”

Does Stacey Abrams have valid points? Absolutely, and those valid points could be made about voter suppression in many states across the country. Hundreds of thousands of voters were pushed off voting rolls, but these facts should be stated about not only the general elections for governorship's, but also about primaries in both parties.

In the Democratic party there’s been those peculiar “irregularities”. I’m talking about places like Florida, Nevada, Arizona and New York. The reality is, there are so many states with histories of election issues, mismanagement and failures (depending on if you believe voter disenfranchisement and shoddy elections are intentional or not) it’s much easier to name places where there aren’t election problems than to name places there were; either that or get yourself a comfortable seat cushion and some sweet tea. We’re going to be here a while.

I say all that to say, yes there were serious election issues in Georgia. Stacey Abrams is not making it up. Discounting the mysterious sliding of thousands of voters off voting rolls for God’s sake people they couldn’t even find power cords to power voting machines! Power cords!

So, I’m not going to discredit Stacey Abrams claims about fair and transparent elections. The data is sound, but as for Georgia specifically I ask you a common sense question:

Does it make any sense that Brian Kemp, who’s now the governor of Georgia, and the former Secretary of State, was able to oversee the election process while running for governor?

Does that make sense to you?

Here’s how Brian Kemp responded to the claims of Fair Elections in Georgia:

Hmm. Even if you buy Brian Kemp’s claims of fairness, I still gotta ask… or let me put it this way: Imagine you’re a Jets fan. Would you be okay with the Patriots hiring the refs who make the final calls in your Super Bowl? Would you be okay with the team you have a biblical, historical downright kicking and stomping rivalry with calling not only the shots, but the play by play and setting the rules of engagement for your Superbowl?

I already know your answer.

No. No you wouldn’t because you’re not stupid.

Why not? Because you don’t know if they’re cheating and are you supposed to just trust your rival to call it straight?

On the same token it makes no earthly sense for Brian Kemp to be allowed to have any influence over state elections and then be allowed to run for Governor. Brian Kemp was Secretary of State until a week or two before the election. Come on, fam. If he knew he was going to run, he should have stopped two years ago. A year ago at least. There’s gotta be some type of rule. How on earth can there not be a rule against calling your own election?

So there’s a lot going on with Stacey Abrams and there’s a lot going on in Georgia, but as I’ve offered links to confirm, there’s a lot going on across the country regarding election integrity or lack of election integrity. For the record, I gotta tell you

America’s not serious about election integrity. Both parties benefit from our lousy elections process because if they didn’t benefit our election problems would be fixed by now.

My dad, for instance proved he loved us by putting a roof overhead, clothes on our backs and food in our bellies. If our two major political parties wanted a better election system, just like my pops actions showed, we’d already have it.

Despite everything I’ve said to this point the facts are Stacey Abrams did a remarkable job bringing out new voters.

There was Oprah:

There was Obama:

It wasn’t enough.

The question is why. Stacey Abrams did an amazing job. Stacey Abrams ran an amazing campaign. The insurmountable problem Abrams faced was not the killer charisma of Brian Kemp, rampant voter suppression or horrid missteps in her campaign operations, but the constantly deluge of negative Trump coverage on MSNBC, CNN and via other Corporate Media. The hot lava of Trump’s negative coverage kept Trump supporters engaged. See, typically whichever party has a president in office, the supporters of that party tend to go to sleep. That’s because typically the Media will be restrained on how negatively they will report on the President. Not with Trump.

This report from Pew Research shows:

The media’s coverage of President Trump has been overwhelmingly negative, more than three times more critical than the initial coverage of former President Barack Obama and twice that of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
The Pew Research Center said that the early coverage of Trump was 62 percent negative. By comparison, Obama’s coverage was just 20 percent negative.

Bush got negative coverage, as did Clinton and Obama, but Trump’s negative coverage is so constant it has become like Red Bull for Trump Supporters. The negative Trump focus really brought out the Trump voters. Unlike back in 2010, Obama supporters went to sleep. Obama supporters believed all was well after-all, they were MSNBC watchers. You’d think all was well too if you were an Obama supporter and the focus were on warm and fuzzy stories about Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Check the graphic. Notice the negativity overload for Trump.

Obama supporters went night-night. That didn’t happen with Trump supporters. Trump supporters couldn’t sleep. They stayed awake because every day CNN, CBS, ABC and MSNBC were making negative Trump stories front-page news because as Les Moonves, CBS Chairman stated: “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

According to a study conducted by Media Research Center evaluating news coverage on ABC, CBS, and NBC, found that over the span of the year and a half, 92 percent of news coverage related to Trump Immigration was negative.

Trump is not a total victim, but Trump understands ‘playing the victim’ is an excellent strategy. Trump’s attack on “Fake News” has helped media ratings and readership, but it has galvanized Trump supporters to flock not only around Trump, but around many of his key endorsed candidates such as Florida Governor Elect Ron Desantis and

My theory is simple. All this negative Trump talk had an adverse effect on Stacey Abrams and here re the numbers to back it up.

In the previous gubernatorial election, Republican Nathan Deal won with 1.3 million votes. Stacey Abrams lost, but she had 1.9 million votes. That’s 600,000 more votes than the winner of the previous governor race. Georgia voters were energized by all the negative attention Donald Trump received, and Donald Trump’s mastery of getting that attention as well. Alright? Also, there’s this:

According to FiveThirtyEight, 55 percent of eligible Georgians voted, a whopping 21-point increase over the 1982–2014 midterm average. Moreover, according to preliminary exit polls, a record-high 40 percent of Georgia’s electorate was nonwhite. Georgia’s 55 percent turnout exceeded the national average of 47 percent.

Let me repeat that. 55% of Georgians voted. That is historical and hasn’t been even close to being matched since 1982.

So Stacey Abrams handled her business. The only problem is so did Corporate Media.

Here’s my video on this topic.