Joe Biden Isn’t Running, Sorry Bernie!

Vice President Joe Biden aka “Middle-Class Joe” announced today he will NOT run for President. The Democrats have spoken loud and clear. Can’t you hear the music?

“It’s Hillary turn. Sorry Bern. It’s Hillary’s Turn!”

Hillary Clinton will get the nomination. I said, Hillary Clinton will get the nomination. Write it down. Take a picture. Remember who said it first or at least 22nd.

Many Bernie Sanders supporters are crying in their Espresso’s today, but it is what it is.

Peep game:

A Biden run would’ve siphoned a segment of Democrats who flat out don’t like Hillary. They dislike Hillary, but they‘re scared of Bernie. These are the types who’ll go camping with you for a weekend, but bring their smartphones and a case of Energy Bars.

“I’ll rough it with you, but I’m not about to live like an animal!”

Those voters will not vote Bernie. They won’t vote Trump either. Now that Biden’s not running they’ll do what many Republicans did in 2012.

Sit home and bitch.

Sorry Bernie fans. Biden was “our” path to victory and Biden just erased it.

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