Wednesday Whittling: Digital Comics Are Bad; Make Sure Users Don’t Take to Them

While it may be the digital age, digital comics are obtrusive. They infringe on valuable storage space, offer interactive ways to read, and can be accessed across multiple platforms. In their own unique ways, each of these facts takes away from the truth in holding a physical page and flipping it. But for some reason consumers still want it, so you have to offer it. Below are four ways to make sure consumers don’t take to your digital comics.

1. Create a mobile app, for it builds trust. Surely you wouldn’t step into the realm of a mobile app for your digital comics if your website isn’t up to snuff…at least that’s what your users will think. Even if users can’t download the app on a certain major A-to-Z platform, they’ll be able to access it on their smart phones and laptops. That still resembles attempted convenience, which is the kind of thing that keeps industry titans moving.

2. Allow users to submit digital comic redemption codes without an account. This will lull them into a false sense of ease about accessing your digital content. When they find out they have to sign in, you’ll be able to imagine them mentally stumbling over such a silly bump in the road. You get to laugh, plus they’ll be right where you want them.

3. Give users multiple ways to sign in. Don’t just force them to create an account for your digital comics. Allow them to sign in from email or popular social media sites, too. The key is to make sure your mobile app doesn’t accept this information, though. That way, when users go to your mobile app, their login information won’t be recognized. If their login info can’t be recognized, then they can’t access your digital content. Boom!

4. Make sure links are dead, both on your site and in your app.And we’re not talking dead, like, “Hey, here’s a 404.” (You’re not a healthcare website.) Make them buttons that don’t work, like on an old vending machine. This will let users click to their heart’s content without getting to your digital comics. Score one for the righteous.

The times, they are a-changing. With an ever-growing selection of titles and topics, comics are no exception. That doesn’t mean you can’t put your foot down when it comes to how readers access them, though. By appropriately directing your effort, you can make sure your digital comics stay locked up like Fort Knox.

And now, your free, original comic!

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