Goodbye Slack and hello open-source messaging platform

Hi Wilhelm! We will most likely join the migration to with FundRequest.

Luis Cuende from Aragon Project made some great comments that really defines the use case for FundRequest — a platform to fund and reward open source contributions.

The comments were:

“We could work on some short-term fixes to keep Slack working. But long-term wise, I think trusting the fate of all our communities to a proprietary service developed by a startup that clearly doesn’t care about our use case doesn’t seem like the best idea.


“Our idea was to join forces with other 5–6 projects and pool some funds to hire someone full-time to work on Rocket.Chat and address our needs, not work on it alone.


This is exactly the use case for why we are building FundRequest. Instead of hiring a developer we suggest funding issues and rewarding the existing community directly. Funding an issue ultimately shows the real business value of a bug fix or a feature for its users and this way you are still contributing to open source development and providing value to other users.

Our alpha/demo is ready and our presale is ongoing but we are moving quickly to support you guys as soon as possible!

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