What’s FundRequest?

We’ve been pitching FundRequest as an upcoming platform and ICO and we noticed there’s still some confusion regarding blockchain technology and how we plan to leverage it to support our business case.

The main questions we keep receiving are:

  • What is Ethereum?
  • How is it different from Bitcoin?
  • What is Github?
  • What is FundRequest?
  • Why do you use blockchain technology

To understand the value proposition of FundRequest you first must understand the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum as a technology.

I’ve selected 3 videos to answer these questions above

What is Ethereum and how is it different from Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is about registering payment transactions while Ethereum features a key functionality called “Smart Contracts”. Smart Contracts make it possible for us to program contractual clauses that are partially or fully self-executing.

Github explained:

Github is one of the most popular platforms to host open-source software. To this date Github hosts 65+ million Projects and has more than 23 million people learning, sharing, and working together to build software.

Developers commit their free time to build software in a community environment. Anyone can use open source software project and report a problem or propose an additional feature by creating an issue in the project’s repository.

How FundRequest funds and rewards development:

FundRequest makes it easy to fund and reward open source development.

We create smart contracts so a user can fund a problem or a feature he or she finds important. Our contracts ensure that a fund is allocated to a specific issue and that a solver receives the reward for developing the feature. Next to financial incentives we provide developer information on his contributions, his earnings and a leaderboard.

A Vision beyond Github

Integrating with Github is just the beginning. Our goal is to fund and reward any community platform. Check out the FundRequest Roadmap.

2018 FundRequest Roadmap

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