Congratulations, you got yourself 2500 new followers (spammers).

Hmm, I think you definitely missed the point of the project.

First of all, like I mentioned in the article, the followers are not spammers or any kind of fake accounts, it’s just like you connected to people who really care for your feed ;)

Yes, I thought about that too. I mean, this was actually just a little side project which turned into something I wanted to share. There is a lot of room for improvements.

E.g. I could just reverse engineer the requests send for liking commenting etc. (there already is a library for that). That would make it way less error prune.

The first idea was to get a bunch of free goodies and maybe even some free food (worked).
I’ll build a blog next and place some ads to check if it could even generate some money, we’ll see.

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