This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

Overall I agree and, as a very frustrated Republican, I welcome this discussion. Politics are cyclical and everything has a season. One of the best books I have ever read on this is E. J. Dionne’s “Why Americans hate Politics.” Synopsis — The GOP sweeps into power promising A, B and C. Fails to deliver, gets caught in scandals, shoots itself in the collective foot and the Dems sweep them out of power promising to UNDO A, B and C plus enact X, Y and Z. They fail to deliver and the cycle repeats itself ad nauseum until many people sit out assuming they have no impact on the power structure and, as a lone individual who lacks a personal fortune, I’m just gonna get screwed anyway, regardless of who is in power. As depressing as this is, I believe Dionne is right about most of it.

Now for my longtime home in the GOP. I voted proudly for Reagan in 1984 when I turned 18. I have held my nose voting for everyone after him, less so with Bush 41. I have not felt at home in the GOP for years because of my radical belief in universal healthcare. Maybe that is the Catholic in me, don’t know, but I believe it is a national sin that we have so many people who lack access to basic health care. Obamacare is a freaking mess, but I think most people knew it would be, but me must start somewhere. I feel it is dangerous rhetoric for Cruz to promise to abolish it “on day one.” That would create chaos that the GOP used to be terrified of. It needs to be fixed, not destroyed. I also have not met a single Republican, to my left or right, who thinks fracking is a good idea. This is purely a money issue where the right people have been bought and they don’t give a crap about the consequences. The data and science are indisputable. As it is currently done, fracking is an ecological nightmare and must be stopped.

As a human being, I have never understood racism, in all its forms and — let’s not kid ourselves — it is not ONLY white on everyone else. As a die hard capitalist, I offer my friends with racist tendencies a way out of it without invoking any sore of messy “feelings” or new age mumbo jumbo. A black man’s dollar bill is the exact same color as mine. If I want my business to do well, I need to learn to work with him and everyone else who is not me. I also have a vested interest in making sure everyone gets a decent education so that they can be better informed citizens, but also so they can buy my goods and services, and those of other entrepreneurs. That means we need to support solid public education.

Immigration seems to have a reasonably simple fix — reform the admission process and make it faster than it is. I do not support building a wall, but I am very angry with the common acceptance of illegal immigrants getting benefits, education, etc. That is simply wrong and lots of people resent it. Offer to fast track illegals to full citizenship which means paying taxes or being deported immediately. Let them make their own decision and see what happens. Then strengthen border security and make it harder to get in illegally with no promise of reward if caught. Also, make employers responsible and liable for hiring illegals.

The area I agree with Trump on is Muslim immigration. So many people have taken the knee jerk reaction and twisted his words. I fully support preventing all immigration from muslim countries until we can document these people. ISIS has said, loud and clear, that they will implant warriors within immigrants and destroy host countries from the inside. Merkle is facing a recall in germany because she let in a hoard that is raping its way around Germany. We would be foolish to admit the same people here. My solution, allow limited numbers admission but only if they are “adopted” by a mosque that will take care of them, feed, house clothe them, etc. If that person goes rogue, the mosque will have serious questions to answer. Christian charities have done this for decades — take in refugees, meet their basic needs, get their kids into school, etc. If Muslims want to separate themselves from the terrorists and prove they are a “religion of peace” then here is a golden public relations opportunity. Take in those “widows and orphans” Obama talked about and care for them. The single young men we need to ask them why they are not willing to fight to take back their countries from the people they say have bastardized their religion. If it is important to you, perhaps you should fight for it instead of destroying refugee camps and rioting.

I apologize if I have overstayed my welcome! I will leave this here and welcome debate.

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