How to turn around your life

I’m MASSIVELY grateful for life, however bad or good it is. The goal of reaching the final stage of any goal isn’t important in and of itself, but rather the process and journey of getting there.

One lesson I’ve learnt is to not get ahead of yourself. I try and have an obsessive curiosity and a healthy dose of ‘blind faith’ coupled with constant doing, trying, learning and experimenting, and try to build the mental skill of recognising a good idea, acting on it and tuning out bad advice and attitudes from people with good intentions, be it friends or family. Though that’s a constant battle, being a human. It’s so hard to do, but simple to say.

Anyway, my point is, you genuinely can change your life to a point where you could not have thought possible. It just begins with incremental, daily action. One good action or decision a day that seems mundane at the time adds up over the months and years to the point where massive results become inevitable.

It’s like working out. Watching someone do curls isn’t epic. It’s a pretty standard and insignificant motion. But the end result after a couple years of those consistent and mundane curls is epic.

Epicness comes from mundaneness.

So far, the three key principles that have given me the most practical awareness of how success is achieved are: The incremental principle, the 80/20 principle, and the cycle principle. They are overarching and universally applicable to success in anything. Lack of them will hinder your progress. Armed with them, you’ll achieve what you want to achieve faster.

Another principle: Begin with the end in mind

One of my favourite ways to solve a problem is a model I call First Principle Inversion. It’s a combination of two models from mathematics and physics. It’s literally applying First Principles logic, then inversion.

What is First Principles thinking? I first heard of it from Elon Musk. It’s where you reduce a problem/situation to only those constituents which you can be absolutely sure are true, nothing whatsoever to doubt. Almost mathematically true. Then you reason upwards from those 100% certain things.

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