Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

Hillary lost on her own accord, and yet the fact that you still have the nerve to say otherwise is simply astounding. She needed zero help from either side of the voting populace to achieve her “great loss.” She was an unfaithful unabashed public arm for the uber rich and more politically connected than anyone in recent history. To the authors: Stop for just a moment and consider exactly what you’re trying to achieve, here. There were two of quite possibly, the shittiest candidates ever in the same century, and you want to pit these two goons against Bernie Sanders, the only man in the Senate with a history of integrity and a political agenda for pushing for a better living for human beings? Take a breath, folks, this is the face of a swindle. This is what it looks like to be so mad that your candidate didn’t get to rule the country, that you just make shit up. Licking wounds is one thing, but to imply that Hillary is something other than a common, albeit rich, criminal, is not just blind to the facts, it’s downright deceitful. Again, authors: You may live in your little make believe bubble, where everything is beautiful, if you say it is. But the rest of the country can’t settle for terribly awful choices so easily. They know damn well that they have better and more honest choices than this. They know that you don’t have to cheat your way into becoming a president. They know that their voices and votes should count for more than a cheap con. They want more than what you’re offering. And they don’t need cheap-ass apologists telling them why they should have voted for a different crook.

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