There Just Aren’t Many 4 Bedroom Homes in Calgary

I can’t tell you how times I’ve had to ask: Do you really need 4 bedrooms?

When I say ‘4 bedrooms’, I talking about 4 above grade bedrooms. Or 4 bedrooms all on the same floor.

The cynical part of me likes to imagine how this decision was made…

An innovative home builder probably looked at census data for 39 seconds, swivelled his chair to ask one of the ‘hammer swinging guys’ how much an extra bedroom costs to build, and decided it wasn’t worth the money/effort to cater to families with more than two children.

Other builders, scared that their homes wouldn’t look exactly the same as the innovator, immediately burned all their designs of 4 bedroom homes.

There are just so few 4 bedroom homes in Calgary that this is only explanation I can come up with.

At the time of writing this, there are just over 3808 detached homes for sale in Calgary. Exactly 500 have 4+ bedrooms. But under $500,000: There are 2900 Detached/Attached houses for sale in Calgary, only 94 have 4+ Bedrooms.

I can’t tell you how times I’ve had to ask: Do you really need 4 bedrooms?

Do you really have a Full House, or can DJ sleep in the basement? Can Stephanie and Michelle get a bunk bed? Isn’t it time Uncle Jesse moved out?

Your options become much more limited if the answer is no. Nine times of ten you will either:

  1. Pay a premium, or
  2. Have to sacrifice the quality of the home, the neighbourhood you, or location within the neighbourhood.

It won’t be simple to find the exact home you want with 4 bedrooms. I can’t think of a good reason why. That’s just the way it is.

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