Chapel and Convocation Check-in Redefined

More often than not, most Faith Based Universities require students to attend either Chapels or Convocations.

In some cases students are required to go to as many as 60 in order to graduate. This type of event outside of class creates a problem unique to the concept of ‘required events’.

Mass Check-in. A problem that Tealpass was created to solve.

When a University has a Chapel or Convocation that starts at 10:00 am and goes until 10:50 am, a whole set of problems are created.

  • Scanning Plastic ID’s naturally creates a line. This inherently forces students to take more time to get out of Chapel making it hard to get to an 11:00 am class on time.
  • Plastic ID’s are easy to pass out to friends
  • Data aggregation is difficult and un-organized.
  • Attendance backtracking (students claiming that they were at a Chapel or Convocation at the end of a semester because they are missing credit) is difficult and un-organized.

The list could keep going but if you boiled it down, the problem becomes reliability.

And that is where Tealpass steps in.

The Tealpass solution is the perfect Mass Check-in Technology System for handling Chapels and Convocations, and is currently used by Universities all over the country. The system is being used at Chapels or Convocations with as many as 5,000+ students in basketball arenas, and as little as 5–20 students in small classrooms.

The system provides students with a custom Mobile App (made with your universities graphics and verbiage), that allows students to use their phone as a check-in device.

After a student has their custom check-in app, all they have to do to get credit for going to Chapel or Convocation, is to sit in their seat and press a button in the app saying “Register My Attendance”. After they press that button, a Bluetooth connection is made between the students phone, and a small CloudGate (a Raspberry Pi integrated with the Tealpass SDK). Tealpass will know from then on if they are in the Chapel or Convocation until 10:50 am (or whatever the end time is). When the end time hits, a notification is sent to the students phone letting them know that they got credit for that specific Chapel or Convocation.

All the while, the student hasn’t even left their seat, thereby completely eliminating the need for a student to have to wait through a line and ensuring that student can get off to class immediately.

Audience in Seats

For students that do not have a mobile phone, or cannot use Bluetooth, there are many backups. The first is a pairing mobile app that Chapel or Convocation Checkers are able to use, that essentially acts like an ID card scanner. It can run on any mobile device, and it not only can scan the Bar Codes presented in our Mobile Check-in app, but it can also scan the Bar Codes that are on your current plastic ID cards. With this app as a backup, there is no student that is left out.

We also understand how difficult WiFi can be during Chapels and Convocations. Because of that, we have ensured that our systems are not reliant on a network connection. If you turn WiFi off, or if WiFi fails during the Chapel or Convocation, Tealpass will still be checking-in students.

On the backend, all of your data is accumulated in one place, your online Tealpass Dashboard. On the dashboard, you will be able to see who went to previous Chapels or Convocations, what time they checked-in and even what time they checked-out.

We would love to talk with you about your University, and share more of our solution with you. Feel free to attend any of our webinars, or reach out to us directly. Our contact info is below.

1–800-TEAL-316, or