Introducing TealpassLite

This past week, we quietly launched a new line of check-in products that we deservingly named TealpassLite.

We designed Tealpass to be a student check-in tool for universities that allows students to walk into a room, pull out their phone, and tap a button saying “Register My Attendance”. Once a student presses that button, a Bluetooth connection is made between their phone and a small device called a CloudGate that we place in whatever room they are checking into.

Students can check themselves into Events, Chapels/Convocations, even Class.

Part of what we’ve learned through our growth, is that not every “College of Business” needs a full blown custom attendance app; however, maybe one professor within that “College of Business” needs a solution for one single class of incoming freshmen that is 400+ students.

What about the small college that requires students to go to a weekly Chapel, but doesn’t have the budget for a custom app?

Or what about the universities that just need a check-in tool for study hall?

TealpassLite is our solution for you.

With TealpassLite you get access to a Tealpass branded check-in app that students can download and upon signing up, input a unique organization ID that relates their profile to your school.

Each version of TealpassLite (their are three tiers), comes with the following common features.

  • Basic Support Tier. Email and phone support M-F from 9:00am (CT)-5:00pm(CT). All weekend support should be directed to
  • Tealpass Native App
  • 1 Admin Account
  • CSV file imports
  • 1 month discount for annual contracts

Among the three tiers of TealpassLite that you can choose from, the big difference is the number of CloudGates you get.

Basic- 1 CloudGate. With 1 CloudGate, this tier is perfect for the professor needing a check-in tool for one class, or even the IT Department that wants to try out the Tealpass system.

Standard- 2 CloudGates. With 2 CloudGates gives you the ability to have either two small check-in locations, or more importantly outfit a large lecture hall or auditorium.

Pro- 4 CloudGates. With 4 CloudGates is the answer for the Chapel and Convocation schools. With this package you will be able to check-in as many students as you need to in any auditorium, or even small arena.

TealpassLite allows any university no matter the size, to benefit from the new Tealpass check-in system.

We would love to chat with you to share more about how our systems work, and learn about your school. The Tealpass Check-In system is used in Universities all over the country. Feel free to reach out at, or schedule a brief 15 minute call with a Tealpass team member at the link here!