Mobile Devices Improve The Process of Tracking Class Attendance

Evidence continues to mount as to the relationship between class attendance and student success. Recently, The Journal of Academic Psychiatry published research on the use of smartphones in the classroom to enhance the student experience. Their hypothesis was that with medical education’s long history, embracing technology makes sense now that students carry their own mobile devices everywhere they go. Researchers sought to investigate whether it is possible to use this freely available technology to track feedback collection and track class attendance. Their conclusion was that mobile devices provide an inexpensive and relatively untapped mechanism for improving the process of tracking class attendance.

The Tealpass mobile solution has done exactly this. By creating a mobile platform paired with an online dashboard for universities tracking class attendance has never been easier. All of this is done through bluetooth technology which completely removes the unwanted legal hassles of using GPS to track students. Universities are currently using Tealpass all over campus in areas such as classes, events that are held in arenas or stadiums such as chapels, and even areas as simple as math-labs.

The benefits of automating attendance for universities are increasing retention rates, creating a more engaged student, and saving those first few minutes of class — which add up to be close to a whole class period by the end of the semester. Could your professors reach a few more students in that extra time Tealpass would provide?

Tom Freston, previous Co-President & Co-COO of Viacom states “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” By creating a bluetooth check-in platform for attendance on a mobile phone, Tealpass has innovated a brand new way to check students in for everything on campus. Want to chat more with me about how Tealpass can help automate attendance at your school? Schedule a call through this Calendly link!