Donald Trump’s candidacy is a fortunate coincidence.

There’s a legion of young white men in this country who have been mobilized by their fear and hatred. A pack of confused disenfranchised men with shaky identities who have been pulled into blame games by Internet groups.

A conglomeration of men with egos so fragile that their identity and place in the world is threatened by female ghostbusters and girls in video gaming. Men who have been told that “feminists” are stealing their “masculinity.” Men who set impossible standards for themselves and for women and only blame women when neither achieve them.

Men who have followed that trail of hate to hatred of anyone defined as an “other”. Who get taken by silver tongued liars who want to convince them that their insecurity and rage is the fault of someone else. Like black rioters. They aren’t rioting because of centuries long systemic oppression. You’re just BETTER than them. It doesn’t matter that you came from a two parent household in a decent neighborhood from a family that made money. You’re just inherently made of more integrity and if you were in a desperate situation from birth you would have made all the right choices. They eat up this validating bullshit because it couldn’t possibly be any flaw inside of them causing their discontent. They need a scapegoat.

This is what the alt-right is. White men for the first time feeling the slightest shadow of what everyone else has faced for the longest time: “maybe this world wasn’t built for me.”

For years everyone else has watched a world built with white men in mind and now that there’s the smallest pull towards accommodating the voices of others they’ve become foot stamping toddlers forced to share some of their candy. In the mind of a prince who is made to move into a slightly smaller castle to let homeless peasants move into stables; this isn’t justice it’s a personal attack on him.

It’s a movement predicated on maintaining the power and privilege of being a white male in a modern American society. A movement that fails to recognize the actual marginalization of other groups. It’s like a patient in a hospital demanding a new glass of juice because theirs wasn’t cold enough as the doctors attend to someone bleeding out in the bed next to them. It’s a movement for narcissists, by narcissists.

So why are we fortunate?

Because they could have ended up with some suave and silver tongued good looking figurehead like a less offensive Milo Yiannoupolis. Someone who would be as sly as stormfront posting black crime statistics to be read by impressionable young eyes.

But instead we saw the emergence of a bumbling mono-syllabic 70 year old billionaire who can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth. Someone goofy and ineloquent enough to shine a spotlight on just how incredibly silly and mean and hateful the whole platform is.

And he’s down in the polls because he couldn’t disguise his message behind enough plausible deniability to convince enough people he was anything but a raving bigot who is only going to bat for white males.

And there’s a lot of angry white dudes in this country.

But there are a lot of forward thinking ones too. And a lot of women and minorities and LGBTQ people who are tired of being disrespected and marginalized by men like Trump and his constituents. Now we just gotta hope their message rings out loud and clear in November.

The world is changing. You can white knuckle grip to some archaic ideology about what masculinity and whiteness is about: but the rest of us are gonna move forward.

See ya.