Special Snowflakes.

I hate the insult “special snowflake.” As if everyone isn’t an individual. Every person is unique and our needs are important to us.

I don’t see Trump supporters letting people go ahead of them in line at McDonald’s because they aren’t special snowflakes. Where’s the Trump supporters out there donating the entirety of their wealth to the homeless because they’re not some special snowflake who needs money.

Voting republican as a poor person is casting a vote in hopes that you will BECOME a special snowflake. That you’ll join the other special snowflakes at cocktail parties that don’t have Mountain Dew and NASCAR attire but you don’t even mind.

When did the people saying “everyone should be equal” get the moniker of special snowflake? Y’all are the motherfuckers who think you’re so special and important that you can’t let brown people into your snowy white borders.

You’re the assholes who keep saying Mexicans are taking YOUR jobs. Looks like he’s the one working and getting paid. Why do you think you’re entitled to that job you special snowflake?

Oh who are the special snowflakes? The people who want others to stop using slurs and murdering unarmed black men and oppressing LGBT people? We’re just too PC and easily offended?

Beyoncé said “black ppl are good and cops killing us when we’re unarmed is bad” and you snowflakes practically shit what is left of your brains straight into your stonewashed jeans. You can’t even handle a black woman saying “stop killing us” without your jaw becoming detached and you want to tell people to be less offended.

Get off your high horses you special fucking snowflakes.