The Legality Of Ad Blocking

This month, Adblock Plus scored a triple court victory at the appellate court in Munich, Germany this month, where Germany’s courts confirmed the legality of ad blocking once again. A few days later, a very well-argued (80-page!) legal opinion about ad blocking by Prof. Russell Miller of Washington and Lee University, appeared.

I recommend reading it to anyone who’s interested in the legality of ad blocking, but this one sentence really sums it all up:

When the American ad-blocking cases come, they are bound to meet with the fate they suffered in Germany. I argue that the relevant German and American legal frameworks reinforce a similar set of values, including: respect for individual autonomy; recognition of the broad social benefits ad-blocking can generate; and an insistence that publishers accept ad-blocking as part of the free market in which they must evolve and innovate in order to compete.

Or in other words: It’s a fundamental human right to not see ads. Period.