What are the most popular Citibike destinations for NYC couples?

For this Valentine’s Day themed data doodle, let’s use BigQuery and the New York City public dataset on Citibike trips and to find a romantic spot to bike to with a significant other.

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Boys and a girl on bicycles. Source: Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division

The number 1 spot for groups of people to bike to together is the 5 Ave & E 88 St Citibike station, right by Central Park, with 30% of trips completed by groups. Also in top spots were the other stations around Central Park:
5 Ave & E 78 St and 5 Ave & E 93 St.

The runner-up is Cadman Plaza E & Tillary St in Brooklyn, with 26% of trips completed by groups. Third place goes to Brooklyn Bridge Park — Pier 2, with 22% of trips completed by groups.

Where does the data say you shouldn’t you take your significant other? Only 1% of trips completed at the Penn Station Valet station were by groups of cyclists.

Query to find where couples are going on the NYC Citibikes

Breaking this query down, I group Citibike trips together into ones that start and end at about the same time. If the grouped-together trip had more than one person in it, then it’s counted as a group trip. This could be a couple riding together, or a group of friends or family. Possibly it could be people that happened to check out a bike at the same time and go to the same place at the same rate, but I’m considering that a rare occurrence. Then, I find which stations have the highest percentage of trips from groups versus single-rider trips.

If you want to run the analysis yourself, I’ve shared the query here. You can run the BigQuery queries in this data doodle for free, no credit card required, with 1TB of free queries per month.

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