The Year Adblocking Tipped
David Carroll


Remember the glory days when people gave a shit how long it takes a page to load? Remember how “load in 30 seconds or people will leave” was mantra?

And now, despite having a much faster computer and a much faster ISP, any arbitrary page can delay as long as 45–60 sec because of ad loads (and other forms of bloat). I’m lookin at you, Facebook. That shit is unacceptable.

And I’m told to bend over and take it. That I’m somehow the bad guy for not wanting to sit around waiting on an ad to load so that I can see the content I actually showed up to view.

Screw that. I control my browser, I own my time, not you! Stop wasting my time with some bizarre concept that you’re in control. Respect my time, respect my ownership of the assets you require access to, and I’ll be more considerate of your need to display ads.

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