Because we all have divergent interests, different belief systems, and different pieces of the puzzle, we will have to come to an agreement that benefits the whole system or we crash it. And since nobody wants to crash the whole system, because we’ll lose everything, we’ll find a way to come to an agreement, against all odds.
Reflections on the Best Blockchain Tweets Ever Written
Daniel Jeffries

But consensus is slow, because it requires agreement, whereas authority is fast, because it works by command. Hence we have a better outcome found slowly, or a worse one found quickly.

Unfortunately, the human mind values immediacy, and thus the human mind has a greater preference for a bad answer given quickly than a good answer given slowly. We also value simplicity (aka low cognitive load for understanding), thus we prefer a short simple bad answer given immediately to a long complex good answer given slowly.

That doesn’t mean these preferences are good, it just means most people have them, and thus we have to consider the predilection for fast-bad to slow-good when thinking about how to get the best outcomes.