V2X is a form of technology that allows vehicles to communicate with moving parts of the traffic system around them. And V2V technology, or vehicle to vehicle, allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles.
Let’s Talk About Self-Driving Cars
Artur Kiulian

DSRC has major problems. The radios are expensive and hard to obtain, and the protocol isn’t even finished after 15 years of work.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that comms protocols should be developed by SME specialists like IEEE instead of expensive generalist “technology integrators” (aka consultants).

I think it much more reasonable that DSRC will not be a spectrum & protocol combination as is currently envisioned, but that DSRC will be reduced to a protocol which operates over existing cheap, widely available radios, like Wi-Fi or LTE.

After all, why pay hundreds of dollars for a customized radio to run a special protocol when you can just operate that same protocol over cheap radios everyone already has?

Another big problem with DSRC is how can messages be anonymous, but also verified for accuracy, with no capability to spam false information? Anyone who cracks that can make a few billion with Facebook, Google, or anyone else who struggles with false information. Blockchain could be an answer, but I’d be incredibly surprised if the USDOT (primary responsibility group for DSRC) were prepared to rely on blockchain to solve the Byzantine Generals problem.

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