That cloud was the Milky Way. They had never seen it before.
During a 1994 blackout, L.A. residents called 911 when they saw the Milky Way for the first time
Stephanie Buck

Here in Missouri, going camping and floating in the summer is a very common thing.

A few years ago I went floating with a group from Kansas City who told me they had never left the city before.

As we were walking from our campsite to the river the first night (it’s customary to sit in the warm, calm river the first night and drink some beers), I realized nobody else was with me. I turned around, and the group of city folk were stunned, frozen in place, staring at the sky.

“You like that, guys?”

One of them replies, “I had no idea any of that was up there!” to murmurs of bewildered agreement.

These were grown adults, who had no idea that the Sun was one of “billions and billions” of stars just like it.

What majesty we have lost from streetlights!