Why Did My Family Watch the Same Awful Movies Over and Over?
Ben Kassoy

Similar situation. Rural household, no cable TV available but we had a VCR and a stockpile of tapes that were watched to exhaustion. Most of them were actually very good — the Ghostbusters movies, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and the like.

But, one stands out from the crowd, that is still a very entertaining but extremely obscure film — Rustler’s Rhapsody. If you like westerns at all, give it a watch.

To this day I still cannot watch The Wizard of Oz, because for years I had to sit through a double showing every single Saturday and Sunday, put on by my sisters. It might not have started as crap but I can’t tolerate it anymore.

One notable cluster of tapes was the collection of The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible. We had every single one, and I have probably seen each one a thousand times over.

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