Why wage growth is like a traffic jam
Stowe Boyd

This is an artefact of the monopoly on the production of money in our society. Without the ability to produce capital (not money) directly from commingling labor with materials, which was the American story for hundreds of years, and instead forcing Americans into a dependency on a monopolistic source of money (not capital), the average person must work for an employer who has access to the source of money.

If we want to solve income inequality, first we have to ask ourselves why one party is granted monopoly over what was previously an innate human right to produce capital from commingling labor and materials, who benefits from severing labor from production of capital, who benefits from the replacement of capital (where value is stored) with money (where the store of already-created-value is replaced by promises that someone, eventually, will produce value) and by what method were they able to obtain and justify this usurpation of our human rights?