Unfit to Lead. (Period)

The #RepublicanParty disgusts me…if you can sit idly by as 49 #LGBTQ Americans are gunned down by a weapon designed only for the theatre of warfare, if you can sit idly by as 28 children and their teachers are gunned down, if you can sit idly by as (to date) 896 #Americans from 1982–2016 ranging from ages 98 (Louise De Kler killed in Carthage, NC in 2009) to 8 months old (Carlos Reyes was buried in a casket with his mother, Jackie after being killed at a McDonald’s in San Ysidro, CA); if you can sit idly by and do nothing and have no empathy for the victims and their families, YOU ARE UNFIT TO HOLD OFFICE.

Any person in their RIGHT mind would be able to see the pain and suffering and acknowledge that we can a serious problem here. Therefore, it would stand to reason that most amongst the #GOP congressional members are NOT in their right minds and are unfit to hold public office. That’s right, I’ll say it again: the #Republican congressional members are #unfit to hold office by reason of mental defect or disease. If you cannot regard the violence happening on our streets on a DAILY basis as abhorrent and take action to stop it, you don’t live in the real world and are unfit to hold public office.

#DonaldTrump, you are unfit to hold public office. House Speaker #PaulRyan you are unfit to hold public office. Senate Majority Leader #MitchMcConnell you are unfit to hold public office. — And to #SpeakerRyan: let me say, you’re damn right the House Democrat’s #sitin is a PULICity stunt: because the public you ALL were elected to lead is hurting and crying out for change yet their pleas fall on deaf GOP ears. Thus the minority party must stand with a majority of Americans in an effort to. pass #guncontrol legislation which will protect the #PUBLICGOOD. So, you’re right Speaker Ryan and it is becoming more and more apparent that the #Republican party has NO interest in protecting the public good. #smh…

RIP Edward Sotomayor Jr.

We are #ORLANDOSTRONG and #weshallovercome.


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