An unexpected cost

In the last two months, we have built a powerful grassroots campaign in Florida that has become a threat to the Democratic establishment. And since we have decided to challenge an incumbent, they are preventing our campaign from accessing the party’s voter file.

That means we’re facing an unexpected cost — and we need your help.

Finding our own voter database and tools could be costly. We are currently evaluating our options, but it is imperative that our campaign have the resources to sustain this effort. We have the volunteers ready to get to work, and having these tools is a crucial way for them to effectively knock on doors and call potential voters.

Please contribute $10, or whatever you can afford, to help our campaign cover the cost of building or acquiring our own voter file database and volunteer tools.

The establishment in the Democratic Party is hoping that we won’t have the ability to give our volunteers the tools they need to win. This is another roadblock they’re putting in our way to give what could be a decisive advantage to our opponent, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Our campaign is powered by thousands of people coming together to challenge the status quo and demand more of our leaders in Congress. I know we can overcome this obstacle.

Give $10 to help pay the cost of our own voter file and volunteer tools:

I refuse to take money from large corporations and I don’t have a Super PAC. But I do have something far more powerful — supporters like you. Let’s show an establishment that wants our campaign to fail what we’re made of. Thank you for your support.

In solidarity,

Tim Canova