Election Night “War Room” to Monitor the Election and Verify the Vote

Republican poll reported dead heat between Tim Canova and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with Republican candidate trailing far behind.

Tim Canova For Congress Media Advisory

Tim Canova, the Nova Southeastern University law professor and independent candidate for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, announced that his campaign is cancelling plans for a watch party on Election Night. Instead, Canova will convene a “War Room” at his campaign headquarters at 2028 Harrison Street, Suite 203, in downtown Hollywood for election experts, campaign staff and volunteers alike to monitor the election and verify the vote, starting with the close of polls at 7 p.m.

After Brenda Snipes, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, illegally destroyed all of the ballots in Canova’s August 30, 2016 Democratic primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, state officials will give “special attention” to Snipes’ office in this election. As The Miami Herald reported, some voters are wondering if they should even trust the results coming out of Broward County:

Canova announced that some of the nation’s leading election security experts and election recount lawyers are also giving Snipes’ office “special attention” in his election. A team from AUDIT USA is already on the ground, along with lawyers from both within Florida and from out of state. In addition, Democracy Counts!, a non-partisan, non-profit election integrity organization, is conducting a citizens’ audit at many key precincts on Election Day.

Since qualifying to be on the ballot back in May, Canova has said “If we lose by one vote or by tens of thousands of votes, we are ready to formally contest any adverse election results.” He added, “There is no reason to trust election officials like Snipes who have proven to be untrustworthy. If we don’t have elections that are transparent and verifiable, then we don’t have a democracy.”

The Floridian Press, a Republican news outlet, recently reported on a Republican poll that shows a dead heat between Canova and Wasserman Schultz, at 34% each, with the Republican candidate Joe Kaufman trailing at 13%.

Republicans make up only about 23% of registered voters in CD-23. In addition, there has been a large upsurge in “unlikely voters” in the early vote turnout in Broward County. Unlikely voters include those who have not voted in past midterm elections.

Canova’s War Room will be working with his designated observers, including John Roberts Brakey, at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections ballot warehouse and electronic tabulation center in Lauderhill, Florida. He has referred to Snipes and her top directors as “walking felons” for their illegal ballot destruction and numerous violations of state and federal criminal statutes. Snipes admitted to the ballot destruction in videotaped sword depositions, the Florida Circuit Court agreed, and Canova recently settled the case for $150,000 of court costs and attorneys’ fees.

Last weekend, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was photographed campaigning alongside Snipes during early voting. Canova quoted from former President Jimmy Carter’s statement regarding the conflicts of interest of Georgia’s Republican election officials in the Georgia race for governor: “One of the key requirements for a fair and trusted process is that there be unbiased supervision of the electoral process.” Canova added, “Not only did Wasserman Schultz fail to call for any investigation of Snipes’ illegal destruction of ballots, but she was apparently working with Snipes’ outside counsel to try to get the court to dismiss our lawsuit seeking inspection of those ballots.”

Canova will begin Election Day by voting at his own precinct, located at the Hollywood Beach Culture & Community Center, at 1301 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, Florida, shortly after the polls open at 7:00 a.m. Canova will then travel to several precincts throughout the district to meet with voters.