She was once a progressive Democrat

Last week, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the reason the Democratic Party has so many Super Delegates is to protect the party establishment from competing with the party’s grassroots. And this was just days after Debbie ignored a MoveOn petition calling on her to debate me. She doesn’t want to have to compete with the grassroots in her own district.

It is this approach of the Democratic corporate establishment — in turning its back on its progressive base, on the heart and soul of the party — that lost us so many House seats and control of the Senate under Debbie’s failed leadership of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Now with so few Democratic debates, we could lose the White House. According to Nielsen ratings, the Republicans got three times as many viewers for their debates than did the Democrats — 116 million to 42.5 million before Iowa. No wonder the GOP is now getting higher than expected turnouts and Democrats lower than expected in Nevada.

Debbie was once a progressive Democrat. But after a decade of taking millions of dollars in corporate campaign contributions, she now votes regularly in the interests of Wall Street banks and corporate interests. There is no other explanation for her voting to fast-track the corporate dominated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), to prevent Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from regulating racial discrimination in car loans and payday loans, and to continue with the disastrous war on drugs, from her hostility to medical marijuana to her embrace of private prisons and mass incarceration. This, Debbie, is not progress for all.

Make a contribution of $10 or more right now, and help our campaign retake the Democratic Party from wealthy donors and lobbyists who rig the system for the few against the many.

Shortly after reversing President Obama’s ban on corporate lobbyist donations to her DNC, Debbie sent out fundraising letters — perhaps to some of you — denouncing billionaires while claiming to defend progressive values. Who is she fooling? Tell Debbie, that it’s not progressive if it’s not progress for all.

In solidarity,

Tim Canova