Something special is happening right now

We are on the cusp of an unprecedented achievement today — over 20,000 individual contributions in just under three months.

When we launched this campaign, we had no political infrastructure and were outnumbered financially against Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s corporate donors. But you have helped to level the playing field despite a system that is fundamentally rigged against progressives, or anyone who has the courage to challenge the status quo on behalf of working Americans.

Your contribution today will help us pass this milestone and could mean the difference in victory or defeat against an out-of-touch incumbent like Wasserman Schultz. Contribute here:

Our primary is only four months away and we have a lot of work left to do to send a powerful message to the establishment. We’re asking supporters like you to fund this campaign because it is the only way to take back our democracy from a broken political system.

If we work together to win this race, there will be no stopping our campaign.

In solidarity,

Tim Canova

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