Wasserman Schultz on our campaign’s appeal to voters: I really don’t know… I’m not remotely paying attention to what my opponent does.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz did a short interview with the Miami Herald yesterday about our campaign. It was primarily her usual talking points that lacked substance — and I was disappointed the reporter did not ask our opponent about her continued support for shady loan sharks — but I found this interaction highly illuminating:

Q: “Why do think Tim Canova has drawn so much attention?”

A: I really don’t know… I’m not remotely paying attention to what my opponent does.”

Now, we all know this is untrue. Wasserman Schultz has been talking about our campaign in her fundraising appeals for weeks now. But maybe there is a hint of truth to this. If you look through our opponent’s contributions and track her record in Washington, you can see the picture of an incumbent who is so out-of-touch that she doesn’t understand the needs of her constituents.

So it actually makes sense that Wasserman Schultz doesn’t understand why our campaign is gaining new supporters each and every day. I believe that over the course of this election we will have plenty of opportunities to show her why we’re gaining so much “attention” in South Florida.

Please contribute $3 or whatever you can afford to our campaign. You have the power to show an out-of-touch incumbent like Debbie Wasserman Schultz what it means to answer to the grassroots. You are part of the fastest growing Congressional campaign in the country.

In a little more than three months, our grassroots campaign has received more than 30,000 individual contributions — including more donations from Floridians than our opponent, who has been an elected official in this state for over a decade.

We must not slow down. Not while our campaign is gaining so much “attention” in the district and with the corporate-owned media. Let’s press forward — and win!

In solidarity and gratitude,

Tim Canova

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