Why We Support The “Jobs For All” Bill

By Tim Canova

The Canova Campaign is in full support of the Humphrey Hawkins Full Employment and Training Act (H.R. 1000).

Our campaign for Congress is all about building a new economy from the bottom up, an economy that provides jobs for everyone in their working years. I have written many times in how the official unemployment rate in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) monthly job reports no longer reflects the dire reality of joblessness and underemployment in America today. The BLS reports do not include millions of low-wage part-time workers who want full-time work but can’t get any, and millions of “discouraged workers” who have given up looking for work and have dropped out of the workforce altogether.

Our campaign supports a full employment agenda. We are pushing back against the conventional wisdom that ignores the hidden crisis in job markets and claims that there’s no role for the public sector in job creation. This is a huge reason I am running. My opponent is a typical corporate-funded politicians who has never championed the cause of working folks and ordinary Americans seeking a fair shake. I take no corporate money, and I never will. You can count on me to keep working for a full-employment society: Jobs For All, Medicare For All, and Progress For All.

That’s why I’m supporting the Humphrey Hawkins Full Employment and Training Act (H.R. 1000), re-introduced this year in Congress by Representative John Conyers (D-MI) to give us a 21st Century New Deal — and to ensure there are enough jobs available for everyone who wants to work.

The legislation establishes a comprehensive jobs, public works, and training program that would create millions of new jobs and raise wages throughout the country — just as the New Deal programs did during the Great Depression. This approach would address community needs to reduce disparities in health, housing, education, job training, and public infrastructure.

According to Rep. Conyers, nine years after the 2008 financial crisis, we are still in need of millions of good-paying jobs to get back to pre-crisis levels. I could not agree more with Rep. Conyers! Please call (202) 224–3121 to contact your Representative and advocate for him or her to cosponsor H.R. 1000 — the “Jobs For All” bill — that would provide jobs and training to every job-seeking American. To date, Representative Frederica Wilson is the only member of Florida’s congressional delegation to cosponsor this bill. We need many others to get behind this far-reaching legislation.

The Conyers bill would be funded by a small tax on Wall Street speculation — taxing Wall Street transactions to pay for Main Street jobs in numerous industries and sectors of the economy. Wall Street greed and speculation brought our economy to its knees in 2008. Main Street taxpayers paid hundreds of billions of dollars to bail-out and prop-up the biggest Wall Street banks and financial markets. Now it’s only fair — and past due — for Wall Street to help pay to rebuild the Main Street economy.

The Conyers bill would fund job creation in construction, education, training, small businesses, emergency food programs, environmentally responsible infrastructure, emergency preparedness, work-study, and a range of other human services and activities that address pressing public needs.

The issue of jobs and jobs creation is central to our agenda to renew the American economy and strengthen our communities. In the 1990’s, as the first executive director of the National Jobs for All Coalition in New York City and later as a law professor, I have advocated for strategies for a full employment economy, including the creation of a national infrastructure bank to finance public infrastructure investment and public works, strengthening labor unions, and investing in education and training programs.

Building a full-employment society means building a healthy and happy society, and it can only be fulfilled if our elected officials have the political will, vision and independence to make it a reality.

Thank you for joining us to fight for an economy that works for everyone.