When it comes down to building something great people tend to have this “I can’t do this, I don’t have any talents” thoughts in their mind. But besides of the fact that everyone has unique skills and talents you don’t need talent for ecommerce. Especially not when it comes down to dropshipping.


It’s just about learning the right stuff and on the same time EXECUTING what you have learned. Day in day out. It’s just work. Of course there are people who are unbelievably talented in marketing and come up with crazy strategies BUT some of those people writing books and give away their knowledge for free. So you can learn from the best.

These days, (almost) everything you want to achieve has already been achieved by someone else. So it’s proven that your goal is achievable. And I know that people would be happy to earn the same income as they have right now but from a job which gives them more opportunities — like a dropshipping business.

To achieve this small goal (even if this goal does not seem small to you now) you really don’t have to be the most talented marketer out there. But you have to learn and execute at the same time. Just learning leads to nothing. You just have knowledge then.

Entrepreneur vs. professional athletes

If you want to become a professional athlete you definitely have to have a lot of talent. Of course you can’t skip the hard work but there is no doubt about it that you need talent. Great thing on the being — or even becoming — an entrepreneur this rule doesn’t really matter. You can achieve (almost) everything you want by working hard. You can develop every skill you need by yourself. And even if you don’t want to learn everything you can hire people to do specific tasks for you. In professional sports it’s not possible. You need to be a “full athlete”.

You see, chances are far more higher that you will make it to the finish line as an entrepreneur than as an athlete ;-)

If you will make it without any crazy talent please hit the green heart as hard as possible!