My E-Commerce Approach

And How Things Will Change…

For the three to five people who already know my content I would like to explain how things will change in the future.

Social Media is a Mirror of my Ambitions. Not more, not less.

In the past I tried (yep, just tried…) to publish posts which should be helpful for ecommerce entrepreneurs. I noticed a lot of struggle with making sales in a Facebook group. After establishing myself over there as someone who really could help I thought it’s just logical to build my own social media profiles in order to gain follower.

Even though the intentions on that Facebook group were great and I really just wanted to help people I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE on my own social media accounts: The content I was putting out was focused on raw numbers. Deep down at the bottom of my heart I ALWAYS KNEW this is the wrong approach.

My personality didn’t match with the content I was putting out. And that’s the reason why my social media sucks.

I learned from my past mistakes and go back the place where I belong to: pure value without faking things.

From now on everything will be just me.

No more content which I wouldn’t consume myself. Think about that: Why should I create content I wouldn’t consume myself? Why on earth should I do this???

What You Will See

I will show you MY ENTREPRENEUR LIFE — which is not glamorous. I will take you everywhere I go. I will show you my life; raw and uncut because I really do believe that this is valuable for people out there. Not because I think I have figured IT out, but because it shows that EVERYONE can achieve their goals if they just put in the hard work. I don’t talk about some shitty fake motivation “hustle 24/7 blablabla”. I’m talking about real work. The work our parents and grandparents had to put in if they decided to become an entrepreneur.

I won’t stop giving you tips for your business, it’s just the format which will change. In fact, you will get out way more value than ever before. At the end of the day it’s really not about me. It’s just about you! It’s really about bringing value to you! Otherwise I wouldn’t do this change now.

I won’t follow any structure of posts or try to make my videos look more professional than they actually are. You will see my approach on being an ecommerce entrepreneur.

-Tim Out!

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