Trying to be an Entrepreneur

While working 9 to 5…

I don’t make a secret out of the fact I am still working 9 to 5.

I am still serving with the German military. I signed this contract about 10 years ago and have 2 more years left. I can’t quit. I am just not allowed to. Even though I am not happy with this situation I won’t complain. It is how it is and I made this decisions back then.

Because of this situation I have to find ways to be as productive as possible. When it comes down to time I have very limited resources. I just can’t “playing” around if I want to achieve my goals.

That said: I am not Gary Vaynerchuk who works more than anyone else. I usually work five to seven hours a day on my businesses.

By “businesses” I currently mean (August 30, 2017):

- 4 E-commerce stores

- 1 huge project for a million dollar company

- Consulting

- Building my personal brand

Doing all of these things cost a lot of time. And besides of this I also have a girlfriend who I would like to spend time with. I’m extremely lucky to have such a huge support from friends and family — I am very blessed and I know that this is not the case for everyone.

I Struggle, too

Every time I did a Q&A or asked people how I could help them some people asked how I could be so productive and get things done.

The truth is: I don’t get that much done as some people might think. I’m no productivity hacker. I don’t even try to.

The only thing I do is executing things I THINK could help me in order to achieve my goals. I simply take a look at what’s between the current situation and my goals. And to be honest: Most of the time I have no clue. In those moments, where I feel a little bit lost, I remember myself that it’s always better to do SOMETHING than nothing. So I go out there and publish a blog post, reaching out to customers (or potential customers), talk to business partners or anything else which forces me to do. I don’t do passive things like reading in those moments. From MY EXPERIENCE I get even more lost if I do passive things in those moments.

Active > Passive

The Ultimate Hack


I know it’s so cliché to say but it’s the truth. If you do one step today and one step tomorrow you’re two steps ahead of your competitors within two days. I really don’t think you have to have a vision or a long-term-plan now. You can still figure this out while executing the small steps.

Few years ago I really sat down and tried to create a vision for myself. I didn’t even sold one item nor had any plan of what I want to do. But for some ridiculous reason I thought I had to create a vision. I wasted my time with such things because I thought all the successful people do it. Truth is, it NEVER worked out for me. Even now, a few years into this game I still haven’t figured out my vision. I really don’t know where I want to be in ten years. I don’t even know where I want to be in one year. But why and HOW should I know this? Time is moving so fast and things changes so damn quickly it’s (at least for me) impossible to plan the next year.

It would be super easy to say “In one year I want to visit the most expensive places in the world” or “I want to own a Rolex”. But that’s not MY definition of a goal.

You see, I struggle with setting my vision. So I stepped away from this. It’s just not working for me (at the moment) and I don’t want to stick to things which does not work for me.

Bottom line: I do more small steps than big steps!

From what I think it’s more valuable to people if I write 100 short blog posts than just 1 mega super hyper long post.

Please let me know what you think about the last line above and leave an answer.