How to avoid it and get valuable feedback instead

That Sounds Great! How Do I Do That?

We’re all in the same e-commerce-boat. Building a store and then… nothing happens! We get disappointed and think we must have made a lot of mistakes building this store. Did we leave out some very important part? Did we pick the wrong Shopify theme? We think about details which — to be brutally honest — don’t matter.

Since we are (still) motivated we ask fellow entrepreneurs if they could review our store. We make slight adjustments like setting up an email-pop up (even if we don’t know what to do once we have email addresses from potential customer) and start to install crazy apps and plugins.

After we THINK we made a lot of great changes we start again aaaaaand…. nothing happens. Again. We might even lose our motivation and start to think we’re not made for this e-commerce or dropshipping game.

Truth is, we made JUST ONE MISTAKE in total; we asked entrepreneurs for a store review. Entrepreneurs have this tendency to look too much into details. They think about email marketing, sales funnels, SEO and all those things. Do I think these things are unimportant? No, they are in fact very important! But we shouldn’t overthink the whole process.

It’s About Your Customers, Silly!

For now we should focus on what our potential customer wants. They are the people who are “responsible” for our success so we have to do what they WANT — not what fellow entrepreneurs might think. The best way to do this is by just reaching out. It doesn’t really matter where or how you reach out to your potential customers.

From my experience these are three good places to start with:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook groups
  • Niche subreddits

And now to the very important part: Don’t try to sound like a CEO!

Very often starting entrepreneurs try to sound as “professional” as possible. They call themself “Founder”, “CEO” or “Entrepreneur”. And yes — you are all of those. But: fuck it. When reaching out to your potential customer be A HUMAN BEING. Just be you — you don’t have to fake yourself — you are awesome the way you are. And I totally mean it. Look, I know my audience very well and what you guys do for me is IN-CRE-DI-BLE. You take your precious time out of your day to read my articles, watch my YouTube videos or just reach out to me on Facebook and Instagram.

You trust me — some young guy from Germany telling about his own experience with dropshipping. HOW IN THE WORLD COULD SOMEONE DOING THIS FOR ME NOT BE THE NICEST PERSON ON EARTH? I’m not a motivational speaker or anything else like this. I just know from my deepest heart that you are amazing. So there is absolutely no fucking reason why you shouldn’t be yourself when it comes down to business. Treat your customers in a way they deserve — the best!

Please have all this in mind while reaching out to potential customers.

The good thing about involving your potential customers in the building process of your business is not just the fact that you are getting very important feedback, but you will also make sales. Why? Because people will trust you if you build real relationships. Period.

Before I will give you some straight examples of how a message could look like if you’re reaching out to potential customers, let me introduce you to Joan and Randy. They’re two married entrepreneurs from the Philippines who recently made their first sale by building relationships on Instagram using direct messaging.

The ABCs of Instagram Direct Messaging

So you too can make some sales! Let me dig deep into the DMs of Instagram. I will explain everything in detail (some parts are copied from an earlier post from me) and then give you some free template DMs which you can use for your business.

I always promote the Instagram DM technique to make easy sales. But I probably was never 100 % clear on how to achieve this in detail because I receive a lot of DM related questions. So let me explain it a little bit deeper.

Let’s start with some basic questions:

Q: “What does “DM” mean?”

A: “DM” stands for direct message. It’s the “chat” function on Instagram.

— — —

Q: “How can I send a DM?”

A: If you are on a profile of a person you’ll see three points in the top right corner of your screen. Just tap on it and then tap on “Send Message”.

— — —

Q: “Should I use my personal Instagram account or my business account?”

A: Actually it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t know what to do in terms of Instagram marketing then please use your personal account. A messy personal account looks far better than a messy business account.

— — —

Q: I get blocked all the time. How many DMs can I send per day?

A: No one (except Instagram) knows this. But if you do copy/paste you will get blocked much earlier than if you write customized DMs)

— — — -

If you have more questions please reach out via a DM here:

— — -

Now to the main part — where you’ll actually be chatting with your potential customer.

Hashtags (#) are the most essential part on Instagram. People use hashtags to relate their images to the stuff which you can see on the image. So for example if someone uploads an image of a pizza, then in most cases these people will use #pizza (btw. there are 25,615,553 images with #pizza) to relate this image to the “pizza-niche”.

As you can probably already imagine hashtags are great for finding people on Instagram who have interest in your product/niche. These people are your potential customers.

To find these potential customers just tap on magnifying glass symbol at the bottom bar. Welcome to the search mode. Now just tap into the search field and type in a relevant hashtag. It could be something general like #fashion (327,395,008 posts) or something more specific like #fashionkids_worldwide (395,165 posts).

I strongly recommend to go for the more specific hashtags

To find relevant hashtags you can do two things:

  1. Go to webstagram.com and search for them or
  2. Go into the search mode on Instagram
  3. Type in a general hashtag and then
  4. Look through the suggested hashtags. You’ll see a lot of stuff you would never even think of (like the #fashionkids_worldwide hashtag). And you can even dig deeper if you then (after using this specific hashtag) check the hashtags which you’ll see above the images. In our example we found these hashtags#postmyfashionkid #mini_stylishkids #stylish_cubs #superfashionkids#stylishcutefashionkids

If you would ask me for a favorite technique I would pick nr. 2 and then do the process over and over again

After you now have relevant hashtags start by typing one hashtag into the search field. You’ll see a lot of images which are related/relevant to your product or niche. The people who uploaded these images are your potential customers.

Guess What?! — You Get DM Templates Too =)

Now that you have the knowledge on HOW it works I would love to give you even more. A template DM which I also use for my own projects.

Hey, hope it’s okay to reach out via DM. Just saw that you recently used the hashtag [#YOURHASHTAG] Based on your taste, I thought you may be willing to give us feedback on our [YOUR NICHE] store. In return you will get a [10–20] % discount code and [if you are offering it] free shipping. If you’re interested just click here: [YOUR STORE’S URL]. Hope to hear from you.

Right after you sent this DM, go back to the person’s profile and leave a comment on the last image he or she uploaded.

“Hey, just sent you a DM, would love to have your feedback on something which is [your product/niche] related”

Ask for as much feedback as possible and build REAL relationships. What’s stopping you?


Find out what your customer wants and make it happen. That will be a gamer changer for you!

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