The Watcher of A World At War

God accounted not for the mighty

in the face of the coming storm.

Their steel birds came riding fire,

like a fever dream in a locust wind.

Leviathans were pierced and sent to sleep.

The dead can’t swim,

they ride along the current like fallen trees.

Through closed eyes I see men pick up their swords

and head out to sea.

Through closed eyes I see women pick up gloves

and head out to the sandlot,

to factories to munitions lines

to trucks to homes

fighting the unseen war as caregivers to a nation.






Scattered along the beach

breathing sand until they’re not.

Red White Black and Blue

Red White Black and Blue

God accounted not for the mighty

as stars went to war with the sun.

Disciplined vision in a narrow row

tunneled and distilled,

the mighty gauge the distance

at which their darkness looms,

holding silence cupped in their callused hands.

They do not care for the lovers hope, their plight,

only fire mingled with blood

Dreams turned ash and cinder

Seven thunders blinded roar

A single cell divided.

Weightless and void, hidden but accounted,

Through it all I see.

God accounted not for the mighty

while their hatred festered and rose.

A battles dust eclipsed the sun’s warmth

causing the sky to bleed red and

heave with black lung.

Brewing unforeseen by the gathering dark,

a black paramount as an anchored plume

hunched its back against the sky,

and pushed the heavens further out of reach.

The night sky came at midday.

A fire in the sky

A fire in the sky

People reduced to memory and silhouette.

Shadows on the red sun.

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