Never Read The Comments
Sarah Adler

So sad that this stuff still goes on. I saw it in the 1980s with my sister in tech, and I’d hoped it would end with my generation, but it’s still there with my daughters. Some other things have changed for the better, but it’s shameful that women still have to put up with this. And it’s bad for all of us too. This kind of bullying and stereotyping gets in the way of real work and makes us all worse off.

BTW, the degree hostility is crazy irregardless of gender. I know coding because I’ve done it, built a company that started with my own code; and it’s creative, and imaginative, and for heaven’s sake not limited to those with degrees. Academic training is a luxury, I suppose, but not the key to success (and my case — I was a lit major, and Journalism MA, like you, then an MBA, so no tech degree. My company started with my code exclusively, but I promoted myself to management and got out of coding as soon as resources allowed. I know many good coders whose degrees are liberal arts or social sciences.)