Time For Mum


Time. It’s a funny thing. There are periods in our lives when we crave for more — just five more minutes in bed before the alarm goes off, just one more hour to finish that book before the school run, just one more day with a loved one we know we are going to lose forever.

Then there are the occasions when we wish the time away — the day with the crying baby that seems to go on forever, the “witching hour” before the kid’s bedtime, anytime you are in a supermarket with children (or is that just me?)

As mums I think one thing we could all agree on is the need for some time to ourselves, not necessarily a lot, maybe even just enough time to visit the little girls room without a toddler surgically attached to your leg. Just a bit of me-time.

Time For Mum

That is where the “Time For Mum” campaign began. The craving for some time for myself, without the added guilt of feeling I should be (and want to be) with my children 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. I mean really love them. But sometimes I just need some time away from them.

My journey to motherhood began 10 years ago. My husband will tell you that I introduced myself to him with the line “Hi, I want a baby” — not strictly true, but not too far from the mark either! I always knew I wanted to have children and, after losing a baby early in our marriage, we went on to have two gorgeous children.

A rollercoaster ride

Like most mums, it’s been a rollercoaster ride — babies that didn’t sleep (I’m talking 6 years straight of not sleeping through the night!), a poorly baby, shift work. But all of that is what has made our little family ours. Would I change it? Absolutely not.

As they have got older, the children have bought with them different challenges but also the ability for me to step back a bit and enjoy some of the things I really love once more.


I love to read, and while this didn’t completely stop when they were little, I found it hard to stay awake for more than about five minutes before the book fell onto the bed and I was asleep. I now run a local book club (an excuse for some mums to get together once a month and drink Prosecco — we might even talk about the book now and again!)

Going out for a lovely coffee with friends was certainly doable with little ones but not quite as relaxing as doing it after the school drop off without them — especially when I had a poorly baby who in the early days would be violently sick. There’s a coffee shop in Bath I still can’t face going back to 6 years later!

Let’s get through it together!

Whether you are still growing your family, have little ones at home or older children dipping their toes into independence, the Time For Mum campaign is designed to help you find those moments to enjoy some me-time.

Let’s have a virtual coffee (or something stronger!), read a book together, encourage each other to go on a date-night (home by 10pm obviously!) or indulge in the pièce de résistance — a spa day!!

I’d love to have you on-board, share your experiences, tips and wonderful moments as we survive motherhood together. Follow Time For Mum here…