2 reasons I use keyboard shortcuts every day.

The keyboard shortcut feature [which Apple now calls Text Replacement] for the iPhone is a game changer. I actually tell people about this frequently and it seems as though it isn’t widely used in my circles. This might be one of my favorite “hidden” iPhone features that I use every single day.

2 Reason I Use Shortcuts Every Day

  1. I type the same things over and over again. I found myself typing my email address and website many times throughout the day. I’d get texts saying, “Hey, can you shoot me your email?” I’d follow up by typing my 23 character email address every time. Then I’d have to look back and make sure everything was spelled correctly. Not anymore! Now all I have to do is type 3 letters!
  2. Shortcuts save time. I know it saves just a few seconds but that doesn’t lessen the value of this feature. You can create shortcuts for long sentences and statements. (i.e. maybe you have a lengthy mission statement for your non-profit or long address to your business). Add those lengthy sentences to your shortcuts to save you time.

Here’s how it works

Within your settings you’ll be prompted to type in your phrase (The CareNotebook). Then you’ll be prompted to type in your shortcut (cn). Now all I have to do is type cn and the phrase The CareNotebook will auto populate. It’s awesome!

Here are just a few of the shortcuts I use

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