5 Powerful Tips for Speaking With True Authority and Confidence
Nicolas Cole

This is the secret sauce of effective public speaking in a nutshell. Bravo. I might add one footnote about stories.

The audience always an immediate problem no matter your title, degrees, experience, track record or personaility. It’s called a status mismatch. “Are you one of us or one of them” they wonder as you walk out on stage. It’s unconscious but powerful hyper-vigilance of ranking that is part of all cultures. And that’s why opening stories are always more effective when speakers are willing to reveal shortcomings, setbacks, and false starts that signal they are cut from the same cloth as the audience. “He or she is one of us, and I recognize myself in her or his dilemma, confusion or failure.” And this how they may decide to hear you out, stay with the narrative you are offering snf give you due consideration.

This aspect of being human doesn’t have to be over dramatized, ebellished or shocking. It just needs to contain some small aspect that levels the status, a moment where it is clear you are willing not to take yourself oppressively seriously all the time. It is a gesture that magically allows speaker and audience to both settle down and see what they can discover together…

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