Challenge: Financing the Next “Frozen” or “Avatar”

NEW YORK — The Soho Loft and FundingPost will present the Digital Media & Entertainment Investing Conference on Thursday, 10 April 2014, from 8AM to 5PM in New York City, with David Drake as moderator.

The world we live in is changing dramatically. Digital technology has never been the same: Media, music, television, video games, film, animation — they’re all shifting at breakneck speed. Along with these changes, the role of capital formation is in quick transmutation mode, too.

It’s time to be in the know or get left behind. Are you interested in meeting digital media and entertainment investors, VCs and Angels, and media industry leaders? Are you a media and entertainment entrepreneur seeking to raise funds for your new project? This is a must-attend conference, whether you are an investor, a company service provider or an innovator. Whether you’re on the creative side or on the support side in music, digital media, data storage, video games, streaming media, film, design, animation and compression technology or you just like to exhibit and demo your digital innovation to future investors, this conference is definitely right up your alley. There will be a room full of talented exhibitors so bring in your best stuff and show them off.

David Drake, founder and chairman of The Soho Loft says, “The new business environment calls for the creation of new ways of funding. The traditional way has changed dramatically in recent years and entrepreneurs today need reliable experts to help them learn how to pitch their ideas and understand factors that are most important to VCs and angels when they are considering an investment. Who knows — your idea could just be the next big thing.”

The Soho Loft and the FundingPost have been hosting over 200 sold-out venture events in 23 cities across the United States for more than a decade now. The whole day event will present panels that will give discerning insights to the participants. The panels will discuss early-stage media investing, growing your media entertainment business and using crowdfunding to raise capital. Your project could be the next “Frozen” or “Avatar”.

Participants will gain helpful knowledge and practical advice on how to meet investors, how to pitch their ideas and know what it really takes to get them to write that much-needed check. The conference attendees will gain further knowledge on how to protect, sell and partner in the media entertainment business. Finally, they will also learn how to use crowdfunding to raise funds, know more about this latest trend and take advantage of this most up-to-date technology.

“The primary funding for many businesses is often the most difficult to raise, we are hopeful that this new method of raising capital (crowdfunding) can help the new generation of entrepreneurs raise much-needed capital,” adds Drake.

Joe Rubin, director of FundingPost says, “Success stories come when entrepreneurs are introduced to investors who can finance their ideas and translate them into action. This is a great opportunity for digital media startups to meet their potential investors.”

The conference begins with a Pitching Workshop Breakfast from 8am-10am. Companies will learn how to construct and deconstruct a clean and concise elevator pitch that investors need to hear. Exhibitors will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their stuff, and are given two-minute pitches.

David Drake will moderate the crowdfunding panel. The conference will have a star-studded panel of speakers.

For the crowdfunding panel:

Bruce Lipnick, Crowd Alliance and Sunshine Entertainment Group

Jouko Ahvenainen,Grow VC Group

Alon Hillel-Tuch, RocketHub

Alex Feldman, CrowdsUnite

For the investors panel:

Lou Kerner, The Social Internet Fund

Barry Lederman

For the VC and Angel panels:

Joshua B. Siegel, Georgetown Angels

Richard Foster, Launchpad

Jeffrey Finkle, ARC Angel Fund

Murat Aktihanoglu, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Yao Huang, Pereg Ventures

John Levy, Rodale

Geoff Schneider, CavaCapital

Katherine O’Neill, JumpStart New Jersey Angel Network

Frank Garland, Angel Investor

Kathleen Murray, Executive Forum Angels

Erica Duignan Minnihan, DreamIt Ventures

John Ason, Angel Investor

Christina Bechhold, Empire Angels

Gil Beyda, Genacast Ventures

Startups and investor panelists will have plenty of time to network during lunch and cocktails. As an added perk for the startup entrepreneurs, investors will get a one-fourth page summary of their firm.

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Watch for more conferences happening across the country and around the world by The Soho Loft. The next one may be in your city.

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