8 ways to help out white america
Anthony James Williams

Being told to stop telling people of color what to do but then having people of color try to tell white people what to do. Right… Irony at its best there.

Michael Brown was killed rightfully by a police officer. He was a thug and shortly after robbing a store and assaulting the clerk there he then attacked an officer. It was proven in court. Martin was not killed by a cop. He was killed by a Latino with little man syndrome. Do I feel he got away with Murder? Absolutely but considering this happened in Florida I am not surprised. OJ got away with Murder too so we know our justice system isn’t always going to work as it should. There are some people you have named who were wrongfully killed by police and the worst part the cops got off. I won’t deny there are bad cops or cops who are too trigger happy. No matter what profession you work with there are people who have no business there and sadly with the police force they get a gun.

When people do bring on Black on Black crime it is because we see BLM and everyone talking and basically saying we are oppressed and have nothing and are in constant danger because of white people. That simply is not the case. Since the Civil Rights Movement though there are still hurt feelings, damages and so forth people of any race can become anything they want in America. The problem is, it is not an easy road. Ever hear of the saying, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones at other people’s glass house? Single Parent Households is an epidemic, schools have poor scores, kids drop out, get pregnant, use school to sell drugs, gang violence and etc. Teachers aren’t respected or given the time of the day. Look at Eric Thomas who went off on the kids of St. Louis High School because they could care less what that man had to say. It wasn’t until he went off on them that they listened. Respect is not one sided. You want respect from me, you need to also be respectful to me. Treat me the way you want to be treated and I will treat you the way I want to be treated. If more people lived by those simple analogies the world would be a much better place.

BLM comes out and marches for Mike Brown but what about the little 9 year old girl Peggy Hubbard was talking about? They were not out marching for that 9 year old who got killed by a stray bullet in her home do to a drive by. Where is the outrage there? That little girl’s life was taken away by a random attack and probably over something stupid. Drugs, gangs or even because someone looked at someone the wrong way. BLM stands for Black Lives Matter and if Black Lives Matter why isn’t Black Lives Matter going out and talking about the 9 year old black girl killed by a drive by? Demanding justice for her. What about Officer Miosotis Familia’s funeral? She was black and was killed but I guess because she wears a badge so BLM sees her as an enemy or a traitor? I hear the phrase Uncle Tom a lot when a black person is a cop or successful and don’t believe in the same things as others.

I agree there have been cases when the cops got off and it is hard to convict a cop. This happens on any case where a cop shoots someone or beat on someone. This does not affect one race, it happens to anyone. There are bad cops out there and they need to go. We only hear more about the ones with black people because of BLM. I agree more cops need to be held accountable for their actions. On the flip side of that same coin other people need to be held accountable for their actions too. If you are committing a crime then be prepared to do the time. Don’t want to do the time don’t commit the crime. More people need to put their energy into the betterment of their lives. Go to school, get an education, don’t hang around those who are into drugs gangs and so forth. Work your butt off because at the end of the day we all are accountable for ourselves and our actions. I am tired of hearing things like White Privilege because let me tell you I wish I had it as a child. My father wasn’t any prize. Lived with my grandma because he couldn’t keep a job, been on welfare, had the water and gas turned off on us several times. Gone hungry at school. Moved away from my grandmas only to move over and over because we’d be evicted, going from school to school. Moving back to my grandmas and so forth. Seeing my dad get arrested fining out he is a speed addict, having our car shot up on our street. Heck man if that is white privilege and that’s what you want go ahead and have it. Heck both my grandparents immigrated here wasn’t part of any slave owning family or had anything to do with all that but if you saw me on the street you would treat me like any regular “White Privileged Boy” and you wouldn’t know a damn thing about my life or my struggles.