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I first heard of Elium, formerly known as Knowledge Plaza, in 2011. I was attending a very small startup event where Gregory Culpin presented the company and its market vision.

Even though Elium already had some traction and gained many flagship customers, they were still doing on-demand development for other companies to cover their costs. It appeared that Talentsquare was their “last distraction”. In 2013, they convinced Pieterjan Kempynck and his associates that it was time to build their own team. That’s where I officially met them and had the chance to start working with some of Elium team members. Over time, Talentsquare and Elium development teams worked very close together. …

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Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Having tested hundreds of tools to support the growth of young companies, I have decided to list and share with you what has worked best until now in the scaleup where I work.

This list is not an inventory of all the tools on the market, but the ones I preferred after having tested them or received many positive testimonies. To bring you the most valuable insights, you will also find an explanation of how we use them.

Spoiler Alert: I have hidden our own tool there

Cross-cutting tools: Communication and productivity

Slack is a bit like the backbone of our tool suite. It is always on and used by everyone. It is used to communicate on a daily basis between team members and across different teams as well. Like most companies that use it, it is more or less prohibited to send emails to each other internally: everything goes through Slack or Elium. …

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Elium Team

About 18 months ago, Elium raised 4m€ with the ambition to scale its teams and revenues. To sustain this growth, together with the executive team we decided to restructure the company and double its size. As a direct result, I became Head of Product. I wanted to share what I’ve learned after doubling both product and engineering teams.

The first value expressed in the Agile Manifesto is “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.” In my opinion, this is absolutely key for a product team. …


Head of Product at elium, a fast growing VC backed startup

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