Is Sex Addiction Just an Excuse for Bad Behavior?
Dr. Chris Donaghue

Wow. This piece reflects what I’ve thought about supposed “sex addiction.” I’ve always thought that sending an offender to sex addiction therapy was a PR cover to make it appear the person wasn’t responsible for what they were doing. I thought one of the signs of addiction was when the behavior prevented you from functioning normally in other aspects of your life. Tiger Woods, while sleeping with all of those women, was the best in the world at what he does. In fact, he was renowned for his ability to focus — he won a major tournament while on one leg due to a serious knee injury. It was only when his secret came out that he began to suffer at his job (along with a series of other injuries).

Tiger wasn’t addicted to sex. He was addicted to the celebrity that allowed him access to sex, and because he was famous women were willing. Men like Weinstein and others were more addicted to the power their positions granted them to get or take what they wanted from women. They had constant access to young, beautiful women in Hollywood, and these women had to go through them.

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