In progress..

I’ll start by saying this is my first Medium story.. It wasn’t going to be, but things change.

I’m working on a long story about how my life has evolved in the last two years or so but I wanted to make a quick blurb about right now.

I’m moving to San Francisco soon. Coming all the way from Boston to write some more code!

Getting to this point wasn’t easy.. At all. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this far from where I started out. Time goes by so quickly I sometimes forget how it happened.

For the most part it’s felt like a really long solo mission. I have called into Houston a few times for some help down the line but it’s mostly been just me. (Pre-2015)

My friends have also been amazing. We’ve been through so much and traveled so far together. There are some downs but mostly ups but that’s just life.

I’ve met some amazing people so far in my life. People that have helped me grow and better myself. People I look up to and I hope to achieve things they’ve achieved someday.

I believe it’ll happen. Staying positive and confident when it comes to life changing decisions helps a lot.

I’d be nothing if it wasn’t my family always believing and reminding me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, even from a young age.

Someday I’ll take over the world! ^_^

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