Scholarships and Grants of the Campaign for Liberty Foundation

Dr. Timothy Francis has more than three decades of experience in the fields of applied kinesiology and homeopathy. A four time winner of the Alan Beardall Award for his groundbreaking work in these fields, Dr. Timothy Francis owns and operates a private chiropractic firm in Las Vegas. Outside of his professional work, he supports several nonprofit organizations, including Campaign for Liberty.

Campaign for Liberty is a nonprofit organization that works to promote the traditional American principles of liberty, constitutional government, fiscal conservatism, free markets, and non-interventionist foreign policy. Headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, the campaign operates a charitable arm known as the Campaign for Liberty Foundation.

The foundation provides scholarships and financial aid to youth in support of the liberty movement. Eligible youth are those who support constitutional values and exhibit potential as future leaders in the movement. The two scholarship programs include the Ron Paul Scholarship, an undergraduate financial award that provides funds for a single year, and the M. Louise Tate Internship Grant, which provides financial awards for unpaid interns working at liberty minded organizations in Washington D.C.