How not to UX — Microsoft KB3035583

To add matter worse, there’s a totally necessary hamburger menu.

Windows 10 is imminent, you know what that means? Better User Experience? Maybe not, given that Microsoft delivers ‘nag-ware’ to their existing Windows 7 and 8 users. KB3035583 continuously asks people around the world to “reserve” (heavy sarcasm intended) their Windows 10 right now.

Modern design is ‘distraction free’. Oh, we’re onto Windows 10 era now.

Microsoft Update KB3035583 — automatically installed through Windows Update, which were described as ‘Update enables additional capabilities for Windows Update notifications in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1’, is actually what many considered a ‘nag-ware’, pieces of software that nags users into doing something.

While I’m not a person who consistently complain, this nag ware is particularly malicious. It couldn’t be hidden and there’s no apparent way to remove it. When you try to uninstall KB3035583, Windows attempts to reinstall it as ‘recommended update’. When you try to hide it from System Tray, it insists to protrude out to visibility. Now, isn’t that ‘potentially unwanted software’.

What’s important about Windows 10? If you aren’t upgrading there, Microsoft’s doomed.

Take note, software designer, because if there’s software that does no good for your user, it’s considered as bloat. Microsoft (appear to) hates bloat, but they’re desperate enough to pull Windows 10 out.

Meanwhile, Apple is no lesser of the devils with their bloat apps in iPhone. But if this is of any indication, Microsoft has lost its way in UX design.

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